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Questions made by:

1. What is your top 5 tv shows? Hmm Supernatural, Once upon a time, sherlock, How i met your mother and Reign :D

2. Who are your favourite female fictional character/s? That´s a dificult one. Im going to say: Katniss Everdeen, Emma Swan, Ruby/red ( Ouat)  Regina  ( Ouat ) and Isabelle Lightwood (TMI)

3. Who are your favourite male fictional character/s? Killian Jones, Jace Lightwood, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bash (Reign), Sherlock Holmes.

4. Who are your favourite ship/s? Captain swan ♥, Johnlock♥ Robin and Barney ♥ Lily and Marshall♥

5. What is something you hate? disrespectful people

6. What is something you love? Watching tv shows and reading ♥

7. Why are you following me? Because you are awesome :)

8. What culture and religion are you?  Christian and I am Argentinian ♥

9. What is your favourite book or book series? Why? I actually dont have a favourite, but i can say that i love The mortal instruments and The hunger games ♥

10. Who is someone you idolize? Well Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Torrance Coombs, Jennifer Morrison, and other people that I find cool ahaha

11. If you won $1 million what would you do? Probably buy a lot of books and tv shows dvds

My questions are:

1- Since when you are in tumblr?

2-Favourite colour?

3- Something that you love to do:

4-How many hours do you spend on tumblr?

5- Favourite tv show?

6- A book that you hate: ( or a t.v show if you dont read)

7- Last thing you ate

8- Favourite fairy tale?

9- A celebrity crush:

10-Did you ever watched a tv show only because of the actor?

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Sorry, im just going to tag six blogs because I really need to go to sleep :(

Well, That´s all. Sorry for my english people. Im from Argentina and well I am not the best speaking this language!

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After that joyful episode I am in desperate need of a strong drink, a dark room and a thick blanket to wrap myself up in my feels. Holy hell!

Though, I suppose the silver linings are as follows…

  • EVERY major player has now acknowledged him as Killian, including a sincere calling out by Emma.
  • He’s admitted he loves her. Finally.